No Rest for the Weary

Well I took a month off from blogging and I don’t really feel like I had a vacation. Things have been hectic. Both boys celebrated their birthdays this past week, and Charlie’s got teeth coming in like crazy. Presently there are four on top and two on the bottom, with two more just pushing up on either side of the lower ones. He’s been… crabby to say the least.

The weather’s been crappy lately, although I love a good storm. We’ve had rain (yay) and heat (boo) which equals pure humidity (double boo) for the last week and it’s not supposed to clear up until maybe next weekend.

A friend of mine from down the street has been coming over with her little girl, and together we’re starting a jewelry making business. So far we’ve been producing several pieces a day when we work on it (monday-friday) but I haven’t yet photographed them or posted them to E-Bay. We’re also going to be starting up a web page, but we have to discuss that whole issue face to face so I’m waiting. The plus side is, her husband has experience with starting a small business (he runs Aegis Studios).

Anyhow, I haven’t had time to play World of Warcraft in, like, forever. So I’m off to Azeroth.


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