So today Charlie threw a cup on the ground, and Zelda picked it up in her mouth. I was about to tell her NO when she carried over to me and released it into my hands, no problem.

I was amazed. She definitely earned a doggie treat for that one. Sebastian has these two bruises -one on his shin and one on his forearm- that totally looked round and lighter in the middle than the outside. I was freaking out, and started looking at google images of ringworm… five minutes later I am relieved that my son does not appear to have ringworm and equally disgusted at the extents to which it was displayed in some of the pictures. The relatively small cases still didn’t look like Bastian’s bruises, but the really nasty ones were… well, really nasty.

He is, after all, a five year old. Lately, the boys across the street (who are a little bit older) have been coming over and asking for him to play. It’s really cool that he’s got friends right across the street, but I sort of have mixed feelings about it. He’s growing up!

Charlie is babbling a lot, and yelling too. It’s kind of cute, but I worry he’s going to be an intimidator like his dad. Mike’s just so big (6’4″ oh yeah) and tends to invade the room with his presence sometimes. Similarly, Charlie gets frustrated because he can’t communicate what he wants to (or because I’m holding another baby, or somebody’s got the toy he wants) and he tends to yell and strike out. I know it’s bad, but I think it’s cute to see him expressing his feelings so strongly. We’ll work on the sharing thing over time, even though kids can’t really comprehend the rights and feelings of others until like 2 or 3 years.


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