NOLA Mary’s Surprise Stew

This week on Cooking with ADD

…Mom has a recipe for a Kielbasa Stew, which calls for:

4 potatoes, cubed
1 lb of kielbasa, sliced (yummy and affordable at about 2$ a pound!)
1 can of a green vegetable of your choice ( POKE-PEAS! I choose YOU!)
1 small-medium onion, quatered
1 clove (or tooth?) of garlic, finely chopped
2 cans of mushroom soup
1 cup shredded cheddar (sharp as a knife!)

Fortunately, I had most of these generic ingredients laying around the house… unfortunately, I only had one can of Cream of Mushroom. So what’s the substitute?

OMG, WHAT? That’s right. Cream of Shrimp.

I decided at the last minute that this recipe would be a northern twist on a southern gumbo. Minus the *actual* shellfish and cajun spices. So pretty much nothing like gumbo. Since I did not have cajun spices, here are our featured spice possibilities.

Here we have chili powder, red cayenne pepper, and black dustless pepper.

Step One:

Wash out last week’s Ramen creation from the crock pot, you naughty chef!

Step Two:

Pull out a paper plate since the cutting board’s dirty and you’re too lazy to wash it. Chop up potatoes and kielbasa.

*note: Reduce recipe to 3.5 potatoes, since one of them appears to be half rotten.

Step Three: Remember to pepper in between layers, to cover that strange shrimpy taste that the dish will eventually have. Add peas.


Step Four:  Throw in the onions and garlic (after chopping of course) and get ready for the fun part.    …open the soup!


Mmm… check out that pink stuff. Nice. The Fam-damily will LOVE that!

Okay, toss in both cans of soup and then sprinkle the cheddar on top to cover the vomitous looking mess.

Everything’s better with Cheddar!

Finally, set the crockpot on low and play World of Warcraft for 5 – 7 hours.

…and then stir. Serve to unknowning family (in chipped bowl from Wal-Mart) and tell them it’s some kind of Kielbasa bake you found online.
*note: this is only funny if no one in the family is allergic to shellfish.

This actually turned out kind of good… except that the shrimp taste didn’t mesh entirely well with the mushrooms. Maybe I should have left out one or the other. Also, the husband recommends adding something to it, like rotini pasta. Otherwise magnifique!


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