Another Doozy

Last night’s dream is less clear -but equally creepy.

In it, I don’t remember a lot of detail. There was a big lot -sort of like our side yard, but not exactly- and it held in animals, like some kind of zoo enclosure. The gate was wide open to admit myself and someone else to look in, and I kept thinking that an animal could easily dart out and they should have opened a smaller door.

Inside the enclosure, I realized that it was our yard and the person who lived there before us might have been creepy.

…wait, I’m now remembering that the person who’d lived in the home before us was a guy from like the 30’s or 40’s. He lived with a male roommate and they would party together a lot. The roommate had a girlfriend, and the main guy’s sister would come along, too. So the four of them were drinking together and what not.

We had pictures of the guy, and the group of four hanging out, and I kept wondering if there was some kind of inappropriate behavior between the guy and his sister. We also had a really creepy picture of a little kid in a bed with a really big cheesy grin and wide open eyes. It was kind of scary, and had something to do with the main guy.

Later, back in the yard, I see that the dog has something she’s dug up from a hole in the yard. Either her or the baby has a big piece of wood in their mouth, wedged way in the back, and I’m trying to pull it out. I get it and see that it’s the end part of a wooden paddle, and look in the hole to see the rest of the paddle lying just under the skeleton of what appears to be a toddler.

I panic, looking up at Mike, and tell him we need to go call the cops. He doesn’t seem to want to, because he thinks they’ll come and destroy the yard or search the house or something. I point out that there’s a skeleton of a child in our yard and he looks into the hole.

In the next instant, I’m in a bedroom looking down at Sebastian in a bed, and he’s making the same creepy wooden dummy face that the kid in the black and white photo was making. I’m thoroughly creeped out now. It occurs to me that the guy who owned the house back in the day could have been a serial killer of some sort.

That’s about the time I woke up and realized that the wooden paddle in the dream was buried under the skeleton but the wood itself looked new, still had that golden color that wood has before it starts to rot and crack.

WTF I ask you?


3 thoughts on “Another Doozy

  1. I have no idea what it means but I hate those kid doom dreams. I had one once about finding my kids dead in the back of a white car and then last summer when I was at Joe and Tim’s birthday party, there was that scare over the white car that was really there to take them to vacation bible school. Totally sucks!


  2. Tis the season for F’ed up dreams? I had a dream last night that I was in line for, what seemed to be, high school lunch. And when I finally got up to where the food was being served with my little green tray, I saw what was on the menu. It was a face, thinnly sliced,, from the ears to the nose. It was quite freaky and gross at the same time, yet in the dream it didn’t bother me at all. I just decided that I wasn’t in the mood for face. When I woke up though, I was grossed out. Ick.


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