Eye Openers

So I’ve made some realizations over the past few days.

One is that this journal, my longest and most dedicated, is really the only place I can speak (or write, as the case may be) about anything and not worry who’ll read it. That means that I pretty much trust all the people who I’ve friended here. That or they’re so far removed from my direct social circle (family included) that I’m not concerned.

Another is that I need to do some serious spring cleaning in my general life. The house, all the ideas I’ve had over this winter -there are just so many things I’ve wanted to start or even started but just didn’t bother going any further with.

I finally got a great idea for a novel, and I don’t want to talk about it too much for fear that I’ll jinx myself, but I think it really might turn out well. I just have to make time to write. I also need to figure out schedules for myself for the day. Maybe I’ll do the list thing… it seems to work out well for some of my LiveJournal buddies. I just need to create some sort of structure for myself, because I obviously don’t have the discipline to just do what needs doing as the day slips past.

I hate being sick. I also hate that I had something really important to say and I totally forgot what it was.


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