I’m Older!

Let’s see… what have we missed in the last week or so?

Easter Sunday was my birthday -I’m very close to 30, but not quite there yet. I don’t like to say the numbers.

It was a nice holiday, and Mike’s mom even made a coffee cake and the family sang me happy birthday. My mom bought me the richest, chocolately-ist cake I think I’ve ever had. It was pretty good.

Earlier this week I was sinking again into not doing much here at home, but some friends called me this week and that sort of lifted my spirits. Yesterday afternoon I went to the mall with another new mom and we walked the strollers and chatted with friends and drank some Starbucks. It felt nice to get out and see people, although I really don’t think we made much of an effort to exercise.

Later I went and did Turbo Jam’s 20 minute workout (in Japanese -long story) and then at another friend’s house I started my first Mutants and Masterminds game. So far, it looks to be a really fun game. I also tried the new MintCrisp M&M’s and OMG… that’s all I can say about that.

OH, and the best thing I did yesterday amidst all that social chaos (and enjoyment) was I made this video of the kids. The quality is kind of crappy ’cause I’m trying to save space on my harddrive, and haven’t figured out quite what’s up with my external 250MB drive yet. It’s not my best work -but it’s CUTE!


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