Delayed Post: Photo Day 2

Yes, I’m a slacker. I didn’t exactly carry through on the whole 365 days of pictures thing, but I have ADD so bear with me.

I’m not quitting, I’m just posting a few pics to describe my last few days. SO here goes…

March 10th 2008

It’s still not done, but I’m proud to say this is the rug that has been buried under a pile of laundry in our bedroom for …well lets just say a long time. I’ve been a bad housewife, and our bedroom has payed the price. I try to keep the living areas of the house clean, because we have kids and pets and the occasional visitor -but our room has been at the bottom of my priority list as far as cleaning goes. Michael has suffered at work because so many of his “corporate casual” clothes have been sitting unlaundered at the bottom of Mount Dirty Clothes.

So I finally got a fire under my butt and put away (hung and folded) the three baskets of clean laundry that were sitting atop the pile (I know, it’s shameful) and used the baskets to haul the dirty stuff downstairs. Yay, you can see the rug!

You can also see that it needs vacuuming badly. More to come.


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