365 Pictures: day one

Well I finally got some cookies baked!

…my secret recipe chocolate chip. They’re the bomb, if I do say so m’self. I also made peanut butter cookies at Sebastian’s request.

The digital camera I ordered is probably not going to come, and at this point I can’t afford to order elsewhere. SO goodbye dreams of a really nice digital SLR. Worst part is, I already have the lens and Compact Flash memory card to go with it. So I guess I’ll hold those until next year’s tax return.

On a slightly lighter note, my old digital has started functioning better, but not as it should. The pictures (see above) come out alright as long as there are no bright lights or white in them. Sunlight turns a funny shade of purple and has horizontal lines in it.

The bathtub is clogged and draining really slow -two bottles of Drano and a bent-out-of-shape wire coat hanger aren’t fixing it either. So showers end on a yucky note, with a tub full of wash water up to my ankles.



2 thoughts on “365 Pictures: day one

  1. Those cookies were the bomb, including the peanut butter ones. Thank you, again! It was good hanging out with you and the kids, again. 😀


  2. Just a note, the maintenance men at my apartment complex said that Drano is actually really bad for your pipes, they wear them out. Otherwise, I hope you didn’t lose much on that camera. You can get a refund right???


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