Winter’s Here to Stay

I just walked the dog around the block, and it is really beautiful outside. Big fluffy puffs of snow are falling and there’s already a thick layer covering the ground. Of course, this just means I’ll be out shoveling the sidewalk and driveway tomorrow morning after my husband leaves for work… but I kind of enjoy shoveling snow. For the first few minutes anyway.

Seeing all the beauty out there just further frustrates me, however, because I’m STILL waiting for my tax return present (to myself) to arrive. I ordered a camera, a fantastic digital SLR that I’ve been wanting forever, and I thought I had found a great deal on it. Then I got an email from the web store I ordered it from saying it was backordered. Indefinately.

Is that legal? Instantly I was concerned that they were trying to pull some bait and switch maneuver where suddenly the price I clicked on isn’t right, or there’s an additional cost to get the camera to me. The email said that it would be overnighted at no charge and my account would not be charged until it came in stock, but that they couldn’t tell me when that would be.

Oh my god, I want to take pictures of so many things! My 8 month old is standing up on furniture now, and my 5 year old is becoming quite a ham. The dog’s cute as a button (when she isn’t crapping on the dining room floor) and the world outside is covered in fluffy white snow. On top of all of that, I’ve really been wanting to take a “before” picture of myself in underwear so that I can hang it on my bedroom wall and scare myself into exercising and eating right.

I want my camera!!!


One thought on “Winter’s Here to Stay

  1. Mary, Go out today and buy the camera at Circutcity or one of those places. I had a very good experience recently; I paid $634 for a Nikon D40x with a lense for my daughter. Wow what a great camera. She wants to be a photojournalist and is starting her portfolio; shes a jr in hs. She just loves that camera. The process of buying such things is a pain but buying it in person where you can return it or have it serviced is better methinks than a website for something so important and substantial.
    What you said about having order in your daily schedule is SO important for the kids. Doing things on some sort of schedule and knowing when to grant yourself and the family exceptions is a hard balance. I’ve been in a both sorts of households in my life and the household where most things happen on a schedule is a way happier situation although harder to accomplish. It is WAY better for the children especially when they go to school to have a predictable environment. I am so old Mary… Please dont be down on yourself… you’re such a cool person. I fell into every hole in life you talk about so please don’t take what I say as indicating I did any better. Now I do know stuff having made every possible mistake…


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