This past Saturday night I hosted bachelorette party for a good friend, and boy was that stressful. In the end, all my obsessing over details, procrastinating, and scrambling at the last minute to make the event live up to my mental vision (story of my friggin LIFE!) turned out to be an unhealthy and unnecessary waste of energy. Things came together pretty well -aside from my causing the bachelorette and maid of honor to be over an hour late for dinner.

The bride had a BLAST, danced her butt off, and actually ended up profiting off one of the games I came up with on the fly. My husband believes that these events should be top secret, like forever, so I won’t go into detail… but in the long run it really felt good to see the girls enjoying themselves.

On the home front, I’m thinking of making a schedule for each day of the week in order to create a more consistent lifestyle for the kids and to help get our family’s social and physical wellness on track. It seems like life just grabs me sometimes and throws me way out into left field. The problem with that is that I’m a stay at home mom, and people rely on me to be responsible in so many situations that I often feel like a complete failure. Even my blogging is becoming more sporadic than I’d like. Maybe once I finish the schedules I’ll post a rough draft here and you can all tell me what you think. Is that obsessive? I hope not.


I signed up for payperpost for a little while ago and just found out I got approved! I’m pretty excited about the idea of blogging within a kind of format, but I’m still kind of unsure how the whole thing will work.

There seem to be a lot of cool options and opportunities on the site, and I like that instead of “customer service” they sign all their help text and such with “customer love”. That’s cute. Also, I’ve been checking out the opportunities and the vast majority of them are relevant to me -so I think anybody reading here would benefit from hearing about them.

So maybe, after all these years of blogging about things I do or buy and what I do or don’t like -I can start to maybe benefit in more than just a theraputic way from all my hard work. =)

I’ll have to go chat up some of the PayPerPost veterans and see if they can tell me what it’s all about. So far, I’m really hopeful and anxious to get rolling with the posts. So stay tuned!


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