Sleepless In Illinois

The baby has been waking up, like clockwork, around 4:30 am every morning this week. I’m not really sure why… but I’ve been sleeping badly on top of the early morning wake ups -so the posts have been slow in coming.

Weird dreams have been a symptom of my fitful slumber. Earlier this week I had a dream, most of which is lost to me now, but upon waking up I remembered the snapshot image of an internet address on the bottom of a full screen ad of some type (seen in my dream) and I wrote it down. Now that I look at it, it doesn’t make any more sense than it did then. I know it made me feel slightly anxious when I wrote it down. It wouldn’t actually work as an address, I don’t think, but it looked something like this:


Multiple google searches on multiple variants of this string came up with no results, so I just googled the phrase “could you inform everyone who this traitor is” and here‘s what I got.

It’s a description, partly the experience of the writer and partly hearsay, of Jane Fonda’s visits to POW camps in Vietnam during the Vietnam war. Kind of gives Barbarella a whole new feel, doesn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Sleepless In Illinois

  1. The sleepless with children years yield lots of weird thoughts and introspection; some of this matters and other doesn’t. I miss those years. Now I am sleepless over cars, health, college, life decisions for my many children.
    Good question from Carla though… I was totally back stabbed a few months ago via the net. Ouch…


  2. You know, I haven’t been backstabbed via the internet recently… to my knowledge. We’ve gotten shitty letters over MySpace before, but it’s not really something that I’ve cared about lately.

    Who knows, it could just be general anxiety. I have been pretty wound up lately. Soon I shall relax, however, and when summer comes I’m going to be SO HAPPY! Especially if I win the publisher’s clearinghouse next week. Knock on Wood!


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