Web Junkie

Well I found a tutorial on FrontPage 2003 the other day, and once I actually read through it and did the exercises -I really started to understand how to use the program. My father did the same thing years ago with his website, Chuck’s Odyssey, and despite his urgings I really didn’t attempt to learn it all.

I was really proud of him for figuring out how to design his own website. Maybe he can still be proud of me for following in his footsteps, just a few years later than he wanted me to.

Anyway, so for the last day or so I’ve been hunched over my computer playing with buttons and graphics and content and hyperlinks. Hopefully very soon I’ll actually have a whole website up at my domain, rather than just redirecting to this blog. There’ll be a pretty little button that links here, and lots of other goodies too.

At the moment, however, I feel like I’m going to pass out across the keyboard. I’m getting too old to stay up until 4:30 in the morning. On that note, Sebastian actually refused his bedtime story today. I was a little shocked when he said, “actually mom, let’s skip the story tonight” and leaned back on his pillow. “I’m just so tired” he says to me.

I hope that it’s just because he’s been sick and is recovering now. Granted, he’s getting older and learning to read himself now… but I always want to read his bedtime stories to him. It’s like a ritual for us. I think I’m getting va-klemped.


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