Tax Returns

Wow, everywhere I go people are spending money. Some folks say it’s the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, but I know better.

Everybody’s been so damn tight, with this war and our economy and life and the mortgage crisis -finally some of us are getting what feels like a windfall from Uncle Sam and it’s nice to feel like a part of normal life again. We can actually afford a pizza this week, and some of that stuff we’ve been eyeballing that was out of the question before.

We just have to be really careful and hog some away for a rainy day, or we’ll end up right where we started. Until August, that is. I sure hope they decide to mail us all a check then too. God knows, this will be gone by then and the mortgage looms.


One thought on “Tax Returns

  1. I was surprised at how many people were at the mall this weekend!! But at the same time, a lot of those people weren’t carrying any shopping bags, either. Hopefully, the tax return will help lift some spirits, because between the bills and weather, it’s been sucking.


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