Dream Time Again

So last night I had one of those long disjointed dreams where there were lots of parts, and I’m not really sure which order they go in.

I know that in one part I was at some kind of party with people from around the social group my husband and I are a part of. A guy from both of our past, who I dislike in general, was there. I borrowed his car for something or other, and ended up having to talk to him socially.

Later, I was outside the apartment my father and I lived in when my parents got separated and my mom finally kicked me out. There was a drainage area outside, but in the dream it was a fairly deep creek. My father was standing on some rocks on the far side of it, fishing. He had caught some kind of round flat fish. I remember him referring to it as a “9-inch predator”. I think he was also diving into the creek, swimming underwater for something and coming out. I wanted to swim too, but was unsure of the water.

I don’t think I registered, in the dream, that dad passed away. I was happy to see him, though.

When I woke up, in my semi-conscious state, I reasoned that maybe it was a message from him that he’s enjoying himself wherever he is. Fishing, perhaps, by the side of some quiet creek full of fish. He seemed to have a lot of energy in the dream, like a younger man.

When I woke up, the kids actually stayed in bed until after I got myself up, around 7:30. It was nice to sleep in.


One thought on “Dream Time Again

  1. I have dreams all the time about my dad where he’s alive and well in California but his wife has been keeping us apart and telling me he’s dead, then he does die and I have to lose him all over again. I miss the peaceful dreams I had right after he died.


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