Bah… the weather

So this morning when I took the dog out it had to be 40 degrees. The snow was melting rapidly, most of the grass was showing through it, and the dog actually sat down and sniffed the air instead of lifting her paws away from the frozen ground.

When Bastian got of the bus, later this afternoon, tiny little balls of ice were showering down. It’s frigid and I can literally hear the wind gusting against the house in every room. I’m a little concerned that we’ll feel the wind hitting us directly when Mike and I go to bed because that’s the only room left in the house that doesn’t have plastic over the windows.

…so do I go out and karaoke anyway? I’ve been sick for a few days, and I’ll be lucky to even have a voice.

In honor of the weather, and the fact that my camera is still not functional, here is a picture of Sebastian’s first snowman.

We built it in DeKalb, around 2004 or so. About two hours after we finished it and took this picture, some asshole driver swerved five feet onto the lawn just to knock it down with their car.


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