Ave, Ave, Satanas!!!

Ok, so I’m not a satanist… but as of this very moment my blog has had 666 unique hits.

I just thought that was interesting. Hope nobody’s offended 😉

So yesterday I set out to start posting a photo every day, and already I’ve hit a hitch. See, I thought about it and what the site I referenced really says is that you should take a photo every day, to document that day in your blog. Well, my digital camera has just decided that it’s tired of life. So now our tax return money is going to have to buy me that digital SLR I’ve been drooling over for several years now. In the meantime, I’ll just have to post pictures that I took in the past, but that somehow relate to the current day.

Zelda got a new collar. You can’t see it here, because this is an old picture… but it’s pink with heart-shaped rhinestones all the way around it. Yep, she’s our princess.

…more to come..


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