Mrs. Lovett’s Curse

Sweeney Todd was actually pretty good. It’s in the “five buck club” where I live, so I finally went and saw it with some friends. The gore was pretty fake looking (which I prefer) but a little over the top. I was surprised, once again, to see actors who I never really thought of as singers in a musical rockin’ out.

I’ve always liked Helena Bonham Carter anyway, and Tim Burton hasn’t really made anything I didn’t like. The intro was mediocre CGI, and there were a few parts in the course of the movie with obvious alterations, but overall I was quite entertained. The volume of fake blood we saw in the movie, however, was nearly dwarfed by the amount I lost while watching it. See, it’s my time of the month and since I had an I.U.D. implanted about two months ago, I get hit hard by my monthly visitor. I actually changed clothes after the movie, and then bled through a second pair of jeans afterwards at the bar. My two favorite pairs of jeans, in one night.

As much as I believe in the natural cycle of things being best, regardless how disgusting or inconvenient -I really hate having a period. I know it’s part of being a woman, and most of the time I cringe at women who bitch about their periods or other feminine issues. Suck it up, that’s life, if you want to be able to bear life from your own loins you have to be willing to deal with the maintenance of said equipment. But lately I’m beginning to soften on the whole issue.

Sorry if that’s T.M.I. but what are blogs for, right?


3 thoughts on “Mrs. Lovett’s Curse

  1. Actually this blog is very informative. I was planning on getting the I.U.D., but now that I know that you get hit even harder by your period, I’ll have to pass on that. It’s good to know these things!


  2. Be careful with the Mirena one. Since I’ve been going to a bunch of pregnancy sites, I keep seeing posts about all these women who are still getting pregnant on Mirena.


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