I had considered starting a new project with my blog, but so far procrastination has taken over. See, shaky_girl from LiveJournal started doing it with her blog, followed by evildolleyes and it looks really fun.

What you do is take a picture every day and post it on your blog. For 365 days you basically document your life by taking a picture that represents your day: how it went, what you did, whatever. I have plenty of photo-ops around the house. Perhaps I’ll start it on a specific day, that way I’ll remember better.

Lately I’ve been completely consumed by my Tauren Druid on World of Warcraft. It’s bad. There are a hundred things I should be getting accomplished, but for each one there’s an excuse why it can’t be done at the moment, and the next thing you know I’m leveling in the Barrens.

Sad, isn’t it, that an adult should be so easily toppled by a video game?


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