Fun Times.

Today I took Sebastian to a lawyer’s office. Perhaps a little backstory is in order.

We were in the living room a few weeks ago; myself, Sebastian, and baby Charlie. Bastian called Charlie by his own last name (which is my maiden name, given to him when he was born). I reminded Sebastian that Charlie and I now have a new last name. Sebastian has fought tooth and nail since I got married not to have his name changed. I think that was my mother’s influence, but let’s not indulge in family drama, shall we?

Anyway, Sebastian asked the question (FINALLY) “When will MY last name be Diamond?”

My heart sang, I smiled and tried to remain calm. I asked him if he wanted his last name to be Diamond and he nodded solemnly. So I told him we’d talk about it with his dad. Mike has wanted to adopt Sebastian for over a year now, but we didn’t want to force him against his will. Frankly, it’s not possible to do so since even related adoptions require a guardian ad litem (ooh, I’m learning legalese already) to verify that the child is willing and the adopting parties are safe.

So after some family discussions and some mother/son and father/son talks… we went to talk to an attorney with student legal services today. The first step in this process, and the one that will probably determine just how lengthy and aggravating this might get, is to get Christoper M. Jones (I sometimes refer to him as our “sperm donor” but never in front of Sebastian) to relinquish his parental rights.

Considering he is now over $20,000 in arrears you’d think he might jump at the chance to stop there and escape another 13 years of accruing child support payments. Then again, we’ve recieved about 5 checks in as many years, and Sebastian hasn’t seen this man since he was about 2 months old. He obviously has no memory of his “father”, and frankly I’d like to keep it that way. After trying several times to establish a schedule of visits or even the occasional communication with Chris, I quit trying and he continued not trying at all.

Well here he is, folks. The deadbeat made an internet list finally! Looks like he’s filled out a little more, and still can’t seem to get a decent haircut. See, when the court summons you to appear and you repeatedly fail to (like, every time) they issue a warrant, post your previous mug shots online, and let everyone know what a douche bag you are.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I slept with him. Even less fun, I get to try and get in contact with him again, if only to convince him that he should sign the papers and make both our lives easier. Five bucks says he doesn’t bother to reply.

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