It’s a Fat Bottom Shame…

I am severely disappointed in Old Navy. A few years ago they introduced a section for Plus sized women, and the model for their plus sizes was actually *gasp* a plus sized woman!

Most stores take their typical size 2 prototype of each style and just add however many inches it takes to make it a 12 or an 18. The problem with that is most women who wear “plus sized” clothing are not shaped like a size 2 woman. There is a distinct difference between size and shape. Size is a reference to how big something is. My ass, for example, is pretty big. But shape is totally different. My behind, as large as it is, is not box shaped or flat like a slope. It is round, rotund, curvaceous.

So the plus sized clothing at Old Navy was a dream come true for a fat girl in the midwest who’s really not satisfied buying a circus tent from Wal-mart and trying to make it look stylish. Granted, many discount stores have been making efforts to “fashionize” their big-girl departments in the past few years. Still, though, it’s difficult to find clothing in my size that doesn’t bring to mind my mother in her elasticized pants and print t-shirts.

Today, however, I was at Old Navy with gift cards in hand, ready to find some great deals in their clearance rack. I was doubly disappointed to find that not only are the discounts less than deep this year -but the size 4 girl who was working there politely informed us that they “got rid of” the plus sizes. Thanks a pantload.

I guess it’s back to saving up for three weeks just to buy one really nice looking shirt from Lane Bryant. It’s okay, though. I still make someone’s rockin’ world go ’round.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Fat Bottom Shame…

  1. Check out Old Navy’s website. They’re still selling the bigger sizes on there. It’s not bad if you don’t mind paying a little more for shipping and that you can’t try anything on.


  2. What I find troubling is that more stores are doing this. You would think that all the reports of American’s in general getting larger that stores would continue to carry larger sizes, not stop carrying them. Seems like a bad business decision on Old Navy’s end.


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