When I started this blog, I told myself I was going to be completely honest. I had hoped that I’d have the courage to post everything I wanted to say and never second guess myself. This morning I had a moment of weakness. I wrote this long post about something I’m dealing with right now, something I’ve been dealing with for 10 years now, and I posted it for a few hours. Then, almost mechanically, after thinking about what might happen if the parties involved were to read it I made it private.

Now I’m a little dissapointed. Do I remove the “private” label and let the world see the very sensitive and personal subject matter I wrote about? I’m not concerned about the world seeing it -people who read my blogs or blog themselves will respect my honesty and openness. It’s just that in this particular post I’m talking about an experience that is pretty serious, and it could negatively affect people in my offline life if they’re reading it.

So, in summation, I am a coward. Do you agree?


4 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. I don’t think it makes you a coward. I could understand why you wouldn’t want any extra drama on your plate when you have so much going on, already. It doesn’t make you a liar, either. Sometimes it just comes down to what you have the energy to deal with.


  2. Sometimes just writing the stuff down makes YOU feel better and it’s better left unread by everyone else. Besides, you can say what you truly want to say when you know there isn’t an audience.


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