Life Goes On

As I was watching the talking heads recite their monologues on Benazir Bhutto’s assasination, I got a little teary-eyed. It seems like a cut-and-dry example of the underdog getting run over by a car. An unmarked black SUV of some type, most likely. I do like to run with the metaphors, don’t I?

It makes me really sad that people can just be wiped out like that. In any situation it’s a tragedy for someone to be killed, but this one is especially poignant considering the state of the world and the current threats to socio-economic equality all over the world.

Well, tragedies are catalysts for change, right? Let’s hope it’s a positive one, or at least that the truth comes out soon. Moments after my little “moment” watching the news, my 5 year old son comes running into the room trying to make the baby laugh. He’s got his Scooby Doo briefs on his head and he’s shaking his but back and forth in a typical kindergarten version of dirty dancing.

When I finished laughing, I pulled the offending underwear off his head and handed them back to him. He then tells me, “Now I don’t have any underwear on”.



2 thoughts on “Life Goes On

  1. Absolutely! Live for the moment, Mary and don’t worry about the bigger things that we can do so little about. I read a story today that we were on the brink of nuclear devastation from the USSR in 1983 because of their erroneous missile detection system. They thought some high altitude clouds were US missiles! The whole world was oblivious that it might have been going up in smoke – but that’s the way to be!


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