The Development Circle

I’m fascinated by the occult. Anything to do with spirituality appeals to me anyway, and I look at spirit communication as an interesting experiment. Even though I’d be scared to death if I ever had to face a phenomenon that was undeniably there, I hope that at the same time I’d overcome that fear and realize the import of such an experience.

In that vein, some friends and I are starting up a “development circle”. Apparently, spiritualists and mystics back in the 20’s and 30’s (when the seance was really popular) began these. It’s basically a dedicated group that meets regularly to attempt communication with the spirits. The idea is that regular practice is the best way to develop psychic/medium abilities. Each person has a job within the group, like the person who records messages from the spirit board and the person who asks the questions. I’m sort of becoming the tech expert and hopefully an adviser in psychic self defense. Sort of like “mind-fu” I suppose.

Anyway, I will be posting some of our experiments with EVP in the future.


One thought on “The Development Circle

  1. Mary, Mary… I admire your energy for the search; your quest to know. That quest is what is truly mystical about humanity. Keep looking. The big discoveries end up being pretty obvious in the end. I looked and found humanity amazing and life everywhere.


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