Well, as weird as things have been socially for the last 6 months or so, the boat seems to be steadying out. Less rocking, I mean… for me anyway.

What I really hate is to see friends, who are becoming pretty good friends these days, have to suffer in ways that I can completely empathize with. I wonder sometimes, where do we draw the line between action and observation when it comes to other people getting hurt. Can we prevent it, if we’ve already been through it?

Would it be inappropriate, for example, to step out of the woodwork and speak out about abuses I endured while with a certain man (I use the term loosely) in order to prevent his slandering his latest victim of domestic manipulation?


2 thoughts on “Yeah.

  1. If she’s being harmed or could be harmed and is unaware of his past actions, it is your duty to warn her. If she gets mad at you, oh well, but you’ll carry it with you forever if you don’t speak up and something happens to her.


  2. Well…
    I am just speaking for me of course, but if I was in the position I would not only speak out about the abuses I would try and black ball him as much as possible to the female community that I’m close to.
    Okay so I’ve done that once before to a cheating dick… and I’m not proud. Who the fuck am I kidding… I loved it. 😀 Sorry, I’m a non-forgiving bitch and my advice can sometimes be mean. I’m probably not the one to go to for “good” advice.


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