Wow, we’re broke!

I’ve been scurrying around the internet trying to find ways to make extra cash for our house and I’m hoping at least a few of them will work out.  My blogs, my writing, and my partylite have not really been all that successful thus far at making me rich. Still, I’ve put in an application here and there around town, and I’m hoping by the end of the week I’ll get a call to come in and test for the job that will pay the most. I’m almost willing to hold out for that one.

It’s funny, too, as busy as I am with both kids, school, and the house (which gets the least of my energy to the ire of my husband) I seem to blog more when I have the least time to do things. Even as I type this blog, I’m thinking of people I planned to call today and didn’t get around to it. It’s kind of frustrating.

Anyhoo, this blog needs much more attention. I’ve been on MySpace cheating on you again, LiveJournalers.

More to come.


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