Mars Attacks!

I’m upset. I’ve been misled in a number of ways and it’s all sort of coming to a head tonight.

Firstly, I registered online for classes on Tuesday of last week and started attending on Wednesday. The teacher was pretty cool -the class seems super easy- and everything went well. The only thing was that I wasn’t on the class roster. 

Well, here I am at the computer lab at my local community college and instead of finding the classroom number of my Monday night class (BUS 105) I’m finding that my schedule says I’m registered for 0.0 credit hours. WTF?

SO I suppose tomorrow I’ll need to go raise some hell at the office-type place here on campus and IF we can get this whole fiasco worked out, stop by the bookstore for the required texts.  Hopefully I’m not going to be horribly buried in homework after missing two sessions of a once-a-week night class.


THEN, I decided to google this whole “Two Moons on August 27th” thing I heard about on one of my pagan yahoo groups. As it turns out, according to this article on -it’s a complete fabrication! I’m sure that someone somewhere was just dumb and forwarded this email with all sorts of factual errors and as the electronic telephone game continued it turned into a cyber-urban legend. UGH, and I was so super excited to even be able to tell Mars apart from all the other planets in the sky.

Of course, I realized that it wouldn’t truly be as large as a full moon to the naked eye -because as I’ve said before to someone who mistook the blood moon for Mars “If that was Mars, we’d be FUCKED”. Still I thought it might at least be visible tonight, and perhaps a little flashier than the other stars.

Anywhoo… so I’m not seeing Mars tonight (big or little) because it’s currently behind the sun AND I’m not in the class I thought I was registered for because the goshdamn computer system here is trying to screw me! Well, it’s not the computer system… let’s be honest. I probably clicked the wrong thing or something. 

I swear, though, I selected “register for this class” from the little dropdown menu and then after both of them were done I went back and checked my schedule to see that the classes were listed there as being registered.

2 thoughts on “Mars Attacks!

  1. I guess we’ll all have to settle for the lunar eclipse that’s gonna happen just before sunrise tomorrow morning. That’s impressive enough for me anyway. Now getting out of bed that early, that’s the hard part…
    As for the school stuff, it’s better to just blame technology. hehehe


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