Dreams, School, and my baybay!

Last night I dreamt I was part of some kind of daycare fire drill scenario. I remember there being kids lined up and ready to go somewhere, and I was in charge somehow… but I wasn’t alone. The details of that portion of the dream are vague.

Then I was in the basement of the house that my mother is buying and I was holding Charlie. Suddenly the strong smell of pipe smoke surrounds me. It’s very real and I realized it’s the smell of my dad’s pipe smoke. This part was so vivid -and I remember turning around and around in the bare cement basement looking for dad and calling out, "Dad? Daddy?" as if he would respond.

I sensed his presence then and prettty much woke up with this scene in my head.

I’ve discovered that I love OceanSpray Craisins. My husband seems to be enjoying his new job and I’ve been feeling extremely thankful lately for all that is happening. Perhaps it is the influence of Lugh and the Lammas spirit of harvesting the first fruits of the year. It certainly seems all the energies and wishful thinking we’ve been doing for the first part of 2007 are coming to fruition lately.

I registered for classes at RVC and am awaiting permission from NIU’s LA&S counseling center to transfer the credit towards my bachelor’s degree. It’s just so much more convenient to take classes ten minutes away as opposed to 40. Not to mention gas being back up to 2.95 a gallon.

My husband needs to buy a laptop and I want a Tattoo in fair trade. We’ll see what happens.


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