AH! Armageddon!!

Okay, so I’m a little freaked out. Partially because I’m pregnant and when I have babies (or am close to having a baby) I get all psycho and paranoid about civilization coming to an end and how I’m going to protect and raise my babies in a post-apocalyptic world.

But partially I’m freaked out because of two things I saw within like 5 minutes of one another.

This post from my NIU community here on LiveJournal was a concerning to me because the Kishwaukee river flows through NIU’s campus, at a sort of trickle, since it’s more like a creek than a river down there. The river, and the fountain in front of Cole hall have turned NEON green. Like, anti-freeze green. Firefighters even showed up to look at it and scratch their heads.

THEN, as I’m clicking through other friend’s posts and Mike has the news on in the background, I see a story on Channel 17 and their BREAKING NEWS is about a MASSIVE GAS LEAK that has evacuated the ENTIRE town of Seward, IL.  Apparently there’s a cloud of Anhydrous (sp?) Ammonia floating Northeast across the area? Mike tells me that Winnebago corners (where the anchor is broadcasting from) is like 10 miles from Rockford’s city limits! AH!!!! Visions of Rodriquez zombie movies are dancing in my head.

So now I’m probably going to close all the windows and freak out worrying about horrible poisonous noxious gas leaking into our home andkilling us all in our sleep. Or turning us into a family of zombies.

Stupid prego paranoia. I’ll probably not sleep well tonight.

When I had just given birth to Sebastian, our downstairs neighbor was playing his video games REALLY loud -like, photos on my walls are vibrating and shaking- and I actually called my dad to see if he’d heard anything on his police scanner about Iraqi tanks coming toward Rockford from the cornfields near our apartment. Like they decided to land in the midwest so they could attack our heartland, where our food is produced.

Why does pregnancy make you lose your mind?


2 thoughts on “AH! Armageddon!!

  1. I am SOOOOO glad I’m not the only paranoid preggo mommy out there. Yeah, I freak out all the time about the end of the world and worst… having to see my little ones suffer and die and not being able to do anything about it.
    I wish I had words of comfort… but alas I am of preggo mind right now too.


  2. I was the same way, and I was horribly paranoid about the baby being kidnapped. I’m extra careful, bordering on overprotective, now anyway. I was a psycho then. Add placenta brain to that and I really felt like an idiot when I forgot what I was freaking out about.


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