The Easter Bunny left me pebbles!

…in my kidneys.

Yes, I ate two Easter meals -one with my bitter old mother who was all alone in her apartment on Easter Sunday, and one with my husband’s family who gathered together for the wonderful roast his mother prepared. I tried to eat small amounts at each place -but being 32 weeks pregnant, I managed to make myself uncomfortable despite my efforts.

Then I got home and friends began arriving for our regular Sunday night paper and dice RPG game (yes, I’m a geek what of it?) and my back started really aching. Not my whole back, just the lower left hand side. I thought about taking some tylenol… then I realized that the specific location and the intensity (growing stronger minute after minute) indicated something serious. I told my husband I wanted to go to the emergency room.

He didn’t seem happy about it. We were kind of spatting at the time. My insistence on driving myself finally caused him to grow concerned and he drove me to the ER.

Suffice it to say, I spent two nights and two days in that place with tubes sticking in me, filtering my own urine, eating hospital food and getting alternately pampered and scared out of my wits.

About noonish on Monday I got my last dose (half a dose) of pain medication and the pain virtually went away. Little red sandy things came out (stinging all the way!) and then what looked like a small piece of gravel very early this morning.

They did a renal ultrasound Monday morning to determine whether there were stones in the kidneys, and while they found the kidneys to be empty (the stone had already moved on by then) they also saw what was described to me for a full day and night as “a thing” or an “abcess” near my pancreas. They tested my blood for pancreas… juices I guess? and ordered a CAT scan, despite my condition of pregnancy. The doctor assured us that although we had to sign a form stating we understood there was an increased risk of <insert really scary shit you don’t ever want your baby to have, here> that we were far enough along that it would be fairly safe, and that those occurances were rare. He felt it would be better to rule out the possibility of something that might cause health problems for me and/or the baby.

After being told I could end up waiting in the hospital until the next day for results, I was happy to have a physician who actually hustled to see the results -and the CAT scan was negative. The “thing” they saw was apparently a part of bowel or intestine that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Big scary adventure all deflated, I got to come home. I can’t say I didn’t have some moments of uncertainty, fear, and just plain worry. But it’s all over now, thank god.

I’m very happy to be home, albeit I’m having trouble staying awake even to type this, and my back is a little sore from not being able to find a comfortable piece of furniture for days. MY GOD, I wish the new couch we just bought was already delivered and we were moved in to the new place so Mike and I could perhaps have a cuddle together for the first time in way too long.

People don’t realize what it’s like to not own a single couch or loveseat -nothing that two adults can sit on together. We’re married, for crying out loud, and we haven’t been able to sit together at home since we moved into our apartment one year ago. 

As much as I can’t stand this place, though -it’s better than the hospital.


6 thoughts on “The Easter Bunny left me pebbles!

  1. There’s nothing worse than having crappy medical problems while you’re pregnant and having to think twice as hard about treatments. I’m glad it all worked out and the stones passed.


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