Mi vida loca

Well, Bastian’s home sick from school today.  He was sniffly and runny-nosed yesterday, and last night he even got that huffiness in his voice from being so congested. So this morning, when his nose was crusty with snot, I knew he was going to be sicker than yesterday and I kept him home.  I called in to work, and have lots of crap to do… so of course I’m blogging!

So many things are going on in life right now, that it would take me pages to get all my feelings down.  I’m very happy about moving, and can’t wait. We’ve been packing boxes -a little at a time- and that makes me feel like it’s really coming. Other than that, I need to get my head into the midterm I’m working on right now and really flesh it out well.

I want a puppy.

My neighbors are up to their usual stuff. The guy next door has a girlfriend (I think it’s the noisy one from before, with the minivan) and she’s got like two kids.  So she comes over every once in a while and brings her kids, playpen, and diaper bags with her. The toddler was screaming nearly all day the last time she came over, and I was trying to take a nap at the time.  I kept wondering when someone was going to deal with the kid -but it seemed like he’d just been sequestered to upstairs while the happy couple smoked cigarettes and drank downstairs. So the next morning, our neighbor goes to work and several hours (of kid screaming downstairs now) later the girlfriend is dressed business casual and is loading her minivan with the playpen and bags while the kid’s having what seems like an all-out tantrum next door. I think he was alone in there, screaming and banging shit around.

What the hell, lady?

If I thought it would make a difference, I’d call DCFS -but they don’t come out the day you call and she doesn’t live there anyway.

OM effing G, Bea Arthur is on the View. I haven’t seen her lanky ass since Golden Girls!  I’m so glad she’s still kickin’. 


One thought on “Mi vida loca

  1. Awww poor Bastian 😦 Roman was sick for a few days too and was really congested. I hope he feels better! I want a dog too, but it’ll have to wait till much, MUCH later 😉


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