The Number 23 (no spoilers)

I went to see the Number 23 movie with my friend Liz last night, and it was about what I had expected. I was relieved that it wasn’t particularly gory -of course from the preview I’m sure you can deduce that there is some blood.

Perhaps it is my upcoming birthday (on the 23rd) or my feelings of closeness with the number itself that made me think it’d be especially interesting. It wasn’t *especially* …but I’d still recommend seeing now that it’s in the 5 buck club.

Jim Carrey is an interesting dramatic actor, but I almost got the feeling watching this flick that it’s been too long since he’s done anything in that genre… then again what HAS Jim Carrey been doing the last few years? Anybody?

Then we went to the (doh)  Wal-Mart and did some shopping. Finally, I humbled myself to playing Guitar Hero II in the aisle outside the electronics section (usually I just mock the people standing there fingering plastic buttons and watching the screen) and I have to say… I want it. I want it bad.

I can totally see how people get addicted to this game.  Having played a little guitar (I know a few tabs to songs I like and enough chords to hum a melody -that’s it) I found myself resisting the urge to wag the fretboard around and jam out with my clam out. If *I* were to recieve Guitar Hero II for my bithday (not that my loving husband ever reads this blog) I would totally have open mic nights and try to get friends to come over and pretend we’re a garage band in our early 20’s. It will happen, and when we move into the new house -we’ll have the space to do it! And best of all it’s FREE (after we get the game for like 80 bucks)!

Oh, and this wasn’t the same night but it’s interesting any way.  I bought a can of air, to clean out the inside of my PC and lo and behold I got CARDED! WTF?!

I was incredulous enough to actually question the cashier at some length about it, which is unusual for me. I was trying to ring at the self-service cash island and the computer said it needed a code of some sort. Bewildered, I looked up to find a clerk approaching and asking for my ID. “For a can of air?” I asked, half way into a laugh.

She said yeah, and while I asked about the reasons she said she wasn’t sure. So, after she looked at my ID and entered her employee ID to authorize my purchase I went on my happy way.

Well, I got home and discovered this little logo-

 -on the can and after some google searching found an entire forum dedicated to education about inhalants.

Now I remember hearing about “huffing” when I was in school and even then it sounded like the stupidest shit anyone could come up with to get a cheap high. Then it was covering a a can of air freshener with a cloth of some sort and spraying it up your nose. Aside from how nasty it would be, it sounded like a good way to get brain damaged.

Now kids are dying from using cans of air and any and all aerosol containers have to be purchased by a legal adult. COME ON folks… didn’t we learn from the 80’s that it’s not worth destroying yourself just to get a thrill? Maybe it’s because these kids weren’t around in the 80’s or because we’re not spending enough time with our children. In any case, they’ve now developed “Bittergent” technology to deter inhalant abuse and they have a little logo advertising that it’ll taste bad if you try and inhale it.

Can’t kids just bite the bullet and go buy some LSD? I know it’s hard to come by these days, but DAMN… it’s probably safer to try something that’s been overdone by washed-out hippies everywhere than to snort stuff that can kill the freakin’ OZONE layer.
The world makes me sad, sometimes.


4 thoughts on “The Number 23 (no spoilers)

  1. I wish I could say otherwise, but once upon a time with a couple friends who shall remain nameless I tried huffing and it was really gross and was so NOT worth it. Blame it on Ween, friggin scotchgard bongs. Gross.


  2. I, too, have participated in “the huffing”. Okay, in my defense, I was 11 years old and sounded neat. I did it a few times and I hated the taste but it made me feel like I was in a video game. Eventually I read an article in a YM magazine about huffing and realized that it was really dumb. I don’t know if there’s any brain damage cause my Polackness probably covers it up 😉


  3. I never huffed…. the closest to doing horribly bad things to your body for a high is when we used to push on your blood arteries untill you felt like you were blacking out, and then falling over and experincing that lack of blood rush!
    Other than that.. it was just your standard, pot, lsd, or exstacy. Oh.. those were the good ol’ days!


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