O M F G !!!!1!1!11one ! (Life changes!)

Isn’t it amazing how much a person’s life can change in a matter of a couple weeks? And then I get to journaling and realize that I have huge news, and I feel almost as if I’ve been keeping secrets just because I haven’t gotten around to blogging every detail of the last 7-10 days.

So yeah… I’ll start two weeks ago.

Michael and I have paid off his car, my credit card (that I ran up buying dad’s plot, headstone, and the flower arrangements for his memorial service), and have no significant debt left (my card actually has a remaining balance to be paid of like $31). We also live in an apartment that’s just a little too cramped, and the neighbors… well let’s just say we haven’t had to deal with anyone urinating our their front door in the last two weeks. Hurrah.

So we started questioning our friends who’ve purchased their own homes (we know three couples who have been owning for at least a couple years now) and we realized it was possible that we could afford to do the same. We went to the mortgage officer at our bank, and brought our tax forms and big smiles. Turns out, not only are we eligible -but we’re the ideal prospects because we’re first timers, we have no house to sell, and it’s currently a buyers market being not-quite-spring yet.

We actually started looking at houses the beginning of last week, just because we were thinking about it. We went to open houses last Sunday, and have been looking through online listings and Real Estate periodicals every day, like fiends. Wednesday we got the letter saying we’re pre-approved for a loan of up to $100,000!!!  The mortgage officer didn’t even bat an eye looking at our information! We actually have decent credit…whoa.

My husband takes such good care of us, he works hard and has done so much overtime in the last year that our joint yearly salary nearly doubled. His raise also was a factor, I’m sure.

So anyway, we know that 100K is a little too expensive for us when it’s broken down to monthly mortgage payments, but we did a few walk-throughs with our Realtor (who’s not only a foxy lady but also a shark at the negotiating table) and the second house she actually shows us is… just a few steps away from perfect. They’re asking way too much for it, though.

We bid 14,000 dollars less than what they were asking and after a few counters back and forth… we signed a contract for 11,000 dollars less! OMFing G! We bought a house.

It’s really attractive, in the Harlem school district (which is hundreds of times better than the district we’re currently in) and just down the street from some friends of ours. It’s also got a 6 foot privacy fence (naked parties!) a swimming pool (one of the portable ones) and a deck and it includes the lot next door. Finished basement, office, attic, bigger kitchen…. I could go on forever.

I’m getting a NEW HOUSE for my birthday! We close next month, but I started packing yesterday (when Mike signed the contract) and I’m so FUCKING happy I could… I don’ t even know! IKEA on E-bay HERE I COME!!!!

It’s our first home. We’ll have room for all our stuff, we’lll be moved in by the time the baby comes in June, and Sebastian will have a safe backyard with a swingset (Did God create this house just for us? I THINK SO!) and I can paint, wallpaper, and decorate however I want! I don’t even know what to do with myself I’m so happy. Literally, I don’t know how to react… but one thing I do know is we’ll be broke as hell for the next year until I graduate and start working myself.

One issue we may have is that I am pregnant and Mike doesn’t think I should be painting. I, however, plan to buy those paper masks and open every window in the house so I can make it beautiful. Around 4/20 I’ll begin, so I have that long to pick my colors. YEEEEEEEEE!

Holy Crap.


3 thoughts on “O M F G !!!!1!1!11one ! (Life changes!)

  1. Whoo, I’m so happy for you guys! It’s kind of a trying process but so worth having your own place. BTW, $100 grand would not buy a studio condo in the hood where I live!
    If you really are going to paint while pregnant you must get low VOC paint, at least. Maybe you can get someone else to do it?


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