Bally is the devil and Math is hard.

I’ve not done my math homework for the second week in a row. I could be doing this week’s HW right now, because it’s due at 2:30 this afternoon… but I’m dealing with more dad stuff and I just got back from a long trip.

It’s the day I’d like to spend being home, working on things that need doing for me and my family. Unfortunately, failing Math 101 is NOT an option.

I checked my checking account this morning (the one I had with Dad) and his AF retirement check was deposited. So i had to call and tell them to cancel those, and they’ll be removing the one we just got. /cry

Then I noticed that Bally Total Fitness is STILL charging him for our accounts there. I sent them a letter and a certified copy of his death certificate LAST MONTH.  This annoyed me. I called the 800 number and worked my way through the number pressing menu only to be directed back to our local office where I was given yet another number to a customer service line that’s not open. So I made the mistake of looking around online…

Bally in trouble with Wisconsin…

A site specifically for war-stories.

Bally sues another site that flames them. (and LOSES)

hell, a Google search of the term “Ballysucks” tells the whole story.

You know… I didn’t really mind that their facility was kind of low-rent, they had no track, and the elliptical machines (my favorite) were always inhabited by old people reading novels. What really bugs me is that I’m worried their going to give me a hard time about refunding the membership fees they’ve taken out this month.

Dead men don’t work out. Period. My dad was in a nursing home for most of December. Neither of us used their facilities.

I’m about to snap.


One thought on “Bally is the devil and Math is hard.

  1. HEY
    If your having problems with math 101 i can help you. Just let me know what you need!! I have a new apt now with a few of my friends and all i do is work m-f 8-4 so anytime around that i can help you.


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