I miss my LJ friends!

Yowza, it’s almost Thanksgiving!

I have to go to school today and then I’m off for the week, and O.M.G. do I need this break!!!

Here I sit, barefoot and pregnant -again- and I’m starving and have homework… but I just had to post. I sat here reading all these old posts as far back as the last time I checked my friends page, and it struck me that I never journal anymore. I used to do it up to three or four times a day! It was like smoking, I was so hooked. I seldom find the time to write anymore. Even my dream journal is suffering lately.

I think it’s the stress of this coming baby, the semester thus far, and my dimming hopes of graduating this summer. It’s beginning to look as if I may have to take some fall courses next semester to do it. On a positive note, I’m going to pass Latin 3, and take 4 this spring semester (only a few months away HEE!) and the language requirement I was so concerned about will be fulfilled.

Sebastian is growing and learning and getting so effing smart! He plays computer games like a pro, sings me songs that he makes up on the spot, and has started writing letters as part of his pre-school coursework. I’m so proud of him, every day. Hell, even politics is starting to look a little less bleak.

For quite a while there I had been feeling as if I was in a dark room and someone was holding the curtain’s shut. No light could get to me, and I couldn’t seem to be happy no matter what I did or heard. It seems the hormonal rollercoaster has begun and I’m presently cresting a hill. In any case, with a week off school and plenty of good food coming my way, I can’t complain too much today. One day at a time, right?

Gotta find a way to make cash, gotta read a few chapters for anthropology, and I have GOT TO feed this baby in my tummy because I’m fa-MISHED!

OK. I’ll be back later. Seriously. I miss you all.


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