BIG NEWS ***for immediate release***


I did my little blog post on MySpace. Now you, my REAL bloggers, get the scoop.

Yes, it’s true… Michael and I got married Wednesday night. We had a very small ceremony at a friend’s house (she’s a pastor and officiated) and we’re now husband and wife. Now, most people have been polite/socially uncomfortable enough not to ask “But Mary… you’ve got this big expensive dress bought and were planning a big-deal wedding with a reception and everything for next October… why now? Why on a Wednesday night? Why such short notice?”

Three guesses and the first two don’t count -damn, you’re sharp.

We’re Pregnant.

October 9th I stopped and got a pregnancy test on the way home, because after I DID manage to successfully get my hands on a Plan B pill (September 19th -within three days of our “slip up” in the bedroom) he continued to be nervous about it. I thought I’d set his mind at ease… well, I sort of did. No more wondering. It’s here.

SO… we had a quicky ceremony -but it was made beautiful by the efforts of friends who really went out of their way to make me feel both loved and guilty for all the work they were willing to put into a last-minute ceremony for matronly me.

And now my name is Mary Diamond. I have an appointment at legal services (free campus legal counsel for NIU students) to get the paperwork we’ll need for Mike to adopt Sebastian, which we’re going to do as soon as possible. The new baby should be here in June or July.

Now that we’re married, I can get on Mike’s health insurance and that way we can have good healthcare and maybe even pick the ob/gyn we want instead of getting thrown the state medical card handbag. Although, I’d love to go back to the clinic I eventually found to have Sebastian. They were F’n A Awesome.

So there’s your big news, LJers! Next spring/summer I will:

Turn 28
Have my 10 year high school reunion
graduate from college
start my new career
have a baby
and hopefully (fingers crossed) find a way to save for a house… maybe even rent to own?


2 thoughts on “BIG NEWS ***for immediate release***

  1. Damn, I’m good. I was right on both counts.
    It sounds like a very nice ceremony and I’m happy for you. The formal stuff isn’t important, and if you really want to have the big wedding, it can be done later, on an anniversary or something. What’s important is that you are happy, and besides, now you have more money in your pocket for the wee one than you would have if you went through with the original plans.
    Congratulations twice over!


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