I’m a slacker

I had a montage of dreams a few nights ago that I kept telling myself to journal (actually  I believe it was after our full moon on Friday). It’s lost to me now, but I remember there was just one dream after another -all different. Each time I’d wake up, I’d drift off into another completely separate one.

Last night I had maybe three.

In the first, I was with someone, I don’t remember or recognize who, and was led (literally, pulled by the wrist) to a seance. I remember wanting to be there, but also being very nervous about it. There was a typical movie seance set up, a circle of people and candles with a leader, or medium, seated at one point of the circle.

The medium looked up at me and began explaining there were two sorts of people at a seance. This part is cloudy, because this is the first dream I had and I floated in and out of sleep from 5 something until I got up about three minutes ago. I believe one of the types of people she mentioned were the people who had something they could do for the spirits. They could somehow help them, perhaps with something that the spirit wanted done on this plain. I want to say that the other type of person is the type who comes just to see, so they can believe perhaps? I wish I’d gotten up right after I had this dream and logged it, because it really felt important.

Next, I dreamt about our wedding. I had some guy, fab 5ish type, who was planning everthing for the wedding. We had a church, and there were racks and racks of materials and dresses in the back, and all these women (bridesmaids I’ve never met) were modeling the designs he’d come up with, and I didn’t like them at all. Several of the dresses had really huge skirts with gauzy material in parts that you could see through, or pleats of fabric hanging down that were supposed to be decorative but I felt they looked kind of unfinished. I kept trying to explain that I didn’t like the dresses, and I wanted to see something else, but the models were dancing past me conitinuously and I remember getting really frustrated. In that dream, I also had relatives present who had driven a long way.

In the third dream there are different parts. In one part, I was looking for some sort of treasure that was either underground or in a cave. We (this Sharon Stone look alike and severa other people who were competing to find this treasure) were in some sort of foriegn place with stone and rock ravines that had restaurants and sitting areas within them. The treasure had, I think, been found in parts and I was trying to Negotiate with the blonde chick for a portion of hers.  She, of course, was working for a billinoaire and scoffed at my offer. Something like “this guys a billionaire and you’re offering less than a month’s rent check?” was what she said. I neglected to mention to her that I was working undercover for some government faction that was blackmailing me into service and that I could leave her name out if she gave me some treasure. In my mind I was thinking “why don’t you tell her that!” as if I was watching a movie during the conversation. Then some dark stranger (billy-bob thornton I believe it actually was) came walking up to us. At some point in the dream I felt as if I was both the person talking to them in the dream, and myself watching it. Like it was a movie or an online video game. I got a definate video game feeling in parts, and someone was asking the me that was watching if I’d met anyone cool, and I proudly mentioned Billy Bob Thornton.

Come to think of it, there was a fourth portion to this dream. I was in a trailer home (like you’d find in a trailer park) and Brian and Thea lived there. Kokopelli was in the living room and we were having a pleasant conversation of some sort (which I don’t remember). I believe we were making coffee. The narrow room we were in consisted of the kitchenette which was open into the living room.  Someone else, a man, had come in and I remember being uncomfortable with him. Thea came out at one point and gave us hugs, and then went into the back where I’m assuming Brian was.

As I was walking into the living room area, the floor itself began to bow and lift in little humps, until finally it looked as if the carpet was a layer of …well, carpet fiber coated elastic, and I could see the shape of a man’s back as he pressed it up against the cieling of his room (which was the floor of ours). There was a downstairs bedroom under the living room and the mystery guy (a stranger who sought shelter? Perhaps someone we’d taken in and helped was the feeling I got) was pressing his back up against it until finally it broke. He burst into the living room, having destroyed the floor where he popped through. He began to say menacing things, as if he intended to do us harm or take from us. I can’t really remember the details, I just remember the feeling that this person had come to us as if he needed aid and we had foolishly granted him help. I thing I woke up before anything big happened.

The dreams continued last night! I also remember a portion of a dream in which I wandered out of our apartment (which was different from the one we actually live in) in my parents neighborhood. I was looking for something, not sure what, and ran into my old neighbor. A guy by the name of Bobby. There was always a slight sexual tension between Bobby and myself because, as we later discussed, we had both had mysterious sex dreams about each other before we met face to face. We’d seen each other around the apartment house before we actually spoke.

Anyway, in the dream we ran into each other while walking around and just then an invisible tornado was ripping through the area. We watched it (you couldn’t see the funnel but you could see the point where it touched the earth -it looked as if an invisible force was kicking up dust and churning the earth up into a path of destruction. A train full of people went by watching out the windows, unharmed as the tornado turned away from our neighborhood and finally moved away to the horizon. As I looked around, I saw several dead cows that had been tossed to the ground by the tornado. One had a bucket lying on top of it, the scene was just chaotic. Bobby and I went looking for something (I’m not sure what) in this large area that was filled with old cement tubes five to ten feet in length with solid walls at one end. There were metal tubes also, I think. I remember finding a few ponds and getting my feet stuck in one and freaking out because a very large fish swam towards my toes. I thought it was going to bite me. Bobby grabbed my hand as I whined and freaked out, pulling me free of the muddy water.

There was this strange feeling, like I was flirting with him. I kept thinking I needed to get back to Mike and Sebastian. At one point we went into one of the little tunnels (kind of like the cement tubes they plant in the ground for sewage -but these were unused and just sitting above ground in this large storage area type place. There were spiders all over, some larger than others, and I found a few smaller plastic buckets. Now that I write this I wonder what the symbolism about buckets might be, because these remind me of the one on the cow which stood out very clearly in the cow scene.

I grabbed a yellow one, there was a white one and a very thick walled black one as well, and intended to fill it with something (perhaps water from the pond?) and bring it home to Mike and Bastian.

That’s about all I can remember. I felt sort of guilty during the dream with Bobby… I think I felt guilty for being with him at all, even though nothing even remotely sexual happened in the dream or real life. Strange.


One thought on “I’m a slacker

  1. You have seriously got to stop eating those Eggplant and Peanut Butter sandwiches for a late night snack before bed. Not only do they give you weird dreams… mike says your nightly dutch ovens are unbearable.


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