Ain’t no management…

Mike and I finished watching the second (and last, due to HBO being the devil) of Carnivale.  Oh my god, it was a trip and a half watching that show… It was excellent. I wish it had gotten the same ratings as The Sopranos so that the money grubbing art-killers at Home Box Office would have no choice but to run the third and fourth seasons as planned.

To say that the show ended with the story being told sufficiently is like wearing a shirt with giant holes cut in it so your breasts hang out. I need more… so much more.

Anyway, about life. Feeling trapped again, within a situation that I’ve created for myself. Perhaps the appropriate term would be “situations” plural, because overall if I had only one situation to worry about I’d be a much happier camper. I didn’t even GO camping this summer, and that makes me cry.

I’d really like to be finished with school, like, tomorrow. I realize that I’ve spent the past four years working towards this degree and it’s within my grasp if I can just stick it out until next August. Depending on how well I play my cards I could even get it done by spring (Oh God, Please!) but it’ll kick my ass to do it.  I’d need to take five classes next semester -that’s a minimum of 15 credit hours. Ass kick city.

I’ve been thinking alot lately about writing something that could sell -or be published. Several weeks ago I felt inspired and started a fiction short story that could easily become a novel. Lately the idea of a political commentary/documentary type piece on what it’s like to be a single mom with little to no income trying to crawl through a four year degree in anywhere near that time has been tossed around.

Not sure what I’ll do, really, but I need to blog more -many of these sentences have been incomplete due to their abrupt beginnings. My latin class dissapeared today, but I walked past the teacher (who was all alone) on my way to this computer lab. I’m off to financial aid to try and figure our what’s going on with my money situation.



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