So a few weeks ago I was frustrated with the amount of clutter on my computer and I erased a bunch of stuff. Somewhere near 250 fraps files, and several programs that I didn’t recognize. Unfortunately, one of those programs I didn’t recognize was the software for my ATI video card. OOPS!!!

So I’ve been playing DDO and wondering why I’m only getting like 2-6 frames per second and my graphics are SO HORRIBLY LAGGED that I wanted to cry. Finally I realize -oh my god, I can’t believe the game is even running when I haven’t got the software for my FREAKIN video card.

Ok, geekiness aside.

Bastian woke me up this morning, after Mike left for work… I get awakened twice most mornings. But Sebastian was giving me the kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss treatment I usualy give him.  Then he says to me, “Mama. Your butt is the wake up alarm and it just went off because you farted.”

I know that’s toilet humor, but damn it’s funny from the mouth of a four year old when you’re not quite awake yet. From the mouths of babes, as they say.

Unfortunately, the game is updating this morning so I can’t check out how much better it’ll run since I downloaded the software and drivers from ATI’s website. Ah… Maybe I’ll go old school and play some Sims 2.

One thought on “Bash!

  1. LOL “Your butt is the wake up alarm”. That’s great! I love awakening in the morning to something cute Roman says. There’s nothing that eneregizes and motivates me more. Last week he was saying “mommy….mommy….mommy….mommy…” So I finally decided to wake up. He kept saying it, so I told him, “mommy needs to put on pants.”. So he repeats the word “pants”. Then right after saying pants he says, “CAKE!”. Ah yes…. our weird associations have passed to our child. 😀


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