Weird Dreams side by side…

While Mike was dreaming of a sinking ship (action and adventure!) I had a dream that was also oddly related to piracy.

The dream began in a really strange way, though. I was hanging out with Keanu Reaves, I even remember telling someone we were dating. It seemed to take place when I lived in DeKalb, before Mike and I were together. I remember thinking about all the social issues regarding having a relationship with a celebrity. At some point Keanu and I were at a mall or in line for a movie, surrounded by people and he saw someone he knew. For most of the dream his face was turned away from me even though we were together. Still I remember feeling a sort of pride that *I* knew a star personally.

So at some point I’m with Keanu and Sebastian and we’re going for a walk. Climb a dirt path up a steep hill and then we’re walking down a tree-lined street in a nice looking neighborhood. As we walk past a ranch style house with a fenced in yard and a pickup truck parked in the front there’s some sort of domestic dispute going on, and there’s a middle aged man in a white tank top running around in a rage. He seems to be attacking children or women or his family. We hide in the bushes to avoid the man, who’s frightening in his anger. At this point Keanu is suddenly gone and Mike is with us, angry at me for bringing us to this neighborhood. I get angry at him and we start to fight; I’m arguing that this is a decent neighborhood and the domestic dispute could never have been predicted.

I’m really mad at him in the dream and at this point I wake up because Mike’s getting ready to go to work. I remember being angry at him because of the fight (which was in a dream anyway!) and only half awake. I guess I told him I dreamt we were fighting and he sensed my anger. So he left for work and I went back to the dream.

When I fell back asleep Keanu and I were in some sort of public place again, only this time I was pregnant. Keanu either was a pirate or someone else was there and was a pirate and I had to pass some sort of test. There was a guy who looked a lot like Gary Sinise who I took to be either an enemy or assailant, and I felt the need to defend myself. Before I was put into this garden type area with him (the Gary Sinise guy), I was shown two small drawers filled with what looked like plastic toy knives, spears, and swords. They were very blunt, though, and looked useless.

Somehow I knew that there were rules to this test, and I had to stab this guy with two of the designated tools at once in order to win. So I found an actual spear (maybe it was a pike, it was a long piece of wood with about a ten inch blade on one end) and stabbed him in the shoulder with that. He seemed to be in some sort of frozen or comatose state at that point, but I still had to stab him with something else at the same time. The plastic toy knives just looked useless, so I pulled my keys out from my pocket, and using my car key (which has a large plastic grip and a slightly larger than normal key part) I began to stab him in the torso.

The stabbing was messy and didn’t seem to be working, so I kept stabbing and stabbing him. There wasn’t really blood, but it seemed like water or some other sort of clear liquid was getting everywhere. His chest and stomach were torn up from all the stabbing I was doing, my hands were soaking wet (but not bloody) and I realized in the end that I still hadn’t won, because the key didn’t count as a designated weapon.

That’s pretty much all I can remember. I know there was a pirate at the end who showed me that I was supposed to use the toy knives and told me I lost, but I can’t remember what he said.


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