Things in general.

I’m feeling a little better about my class. Today will be the first day all summer that I’m going to class having read the assigned chapter and feeling fairly well prepared for whatever the professor may throw at me. Having said that, I’ll probably now freeze and/or forget as soon as he targets me.

So Mike’s applying for a new job, that pays quite a bit more than the one he’s got now. I’ve pretty much just stopped going to my job and I feel like a complete loser because of it. I’m thinking of writing a letter of resignation (duh) and taking it in so I won’t feel like such a shit for picking up my last check.

Honestly, though, when they told me it would slow down in the summer I didn’t think much of it. Then June came along and I was on the schedule for three days out of the whole month!

That’s not enough to live on. That’s not even enough to matter. So I skipped out on one of those days to attend a ritual in Minnesota. A religious gathering is important! I could easily have called in and told them I wouldn’t make it, but I put it off until the very day of. Then I completely forgot to call. So after having no-showed I just kinda put the whole “employer” thing on a back burner, telling myself I’d call and tell them I forgot or something. I kept procrastinating and now it’s been nearly a month. Considering I was only scheduled one day a week last I knew, I’ve probably only missed two or three days of work total.

In any case, I’m just going to look for something new and hope they’ll mail me the last check. ‘Cause honestly, I don’t have the nerve to go in and pick it up. I suck.


One thought on “Things in general.

  1. This was a crap job anyway, but you should have at least called hun. Even if you were never going back at least tell them. I know you will find a new job, hopefully a job related to your careeer field.


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