Bowl of Cherries

So I found this little Champaign band called “Asleep on the Couch” and they have this sappy love song that I’ve fallen for, hard.

It’s on my MySpace profile. Somehow, I just hear it and have to stop and listen to the whole thing and sing it too. I think of Mike and Sebastian and how my life right now is about the best it’s ever been. I still have my shit days, but damn…

SO anyway, Mike and I have been spending time with differend friends -couples we never really got to know that well, our neighbor and and friend I’ve had for a long time, and just in general giving people a chance. It’s really done wonders for our social lives and we’re finding that sometimes those people on the peripheral of your social circle can turn out to be the most sincere friends you’ll ever have.

Honestly, all the people we’re hanging out with lately are people I’ve known or known of for years. In some cases they were strangers who’s faces I recognized or who I saw once in a while. People I maybe even had issues with in the past… But lately, we’ve been trying to just live our lives without drama, and spend time with those people who are willing to meet us halfway.

Having kids can be tough, having a kid is no different. You have to work your schedule around whether you’ve got the child or not or be in a place where his needs are also met. We’ve got great friends, and I’m thankful for them. I’m too hungry to go on, but I’ll return to this subject soon.


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