Cat Scratch Fever

So Mike got up to go to work this morning at 5 am. After finally getting back to sleep, I was awakened at 6:30 by a horrible noise. At first I sat up thinking, “Sebastian is crying”. Then -a millisecond later- I realized it was not the cry of a human child, but of a cat. Sometimes it takes a moment, though… When they’re fucking each others brains out it sounds quite human.

So my initial reactin was followed immediately by doubt. It was awful late in the morning for cats to be doin’ it. Usually (at the old house) I get awakened at like 3 or 4. So I thought, “Oh god. It’s spring, that thing’s probably having kittens in those boxes I just set out as garbage”.

I attempt to wipe the sleep from my eyes, slip on some flip flops and head outside. The noise is, oddly, more muffled down here than in my room. Those damn cats were going at it in the neighbor’s garage. That guy is a total hillbilly, and he’s up all hours of the night moving junk from one part of the yard to another or loading and unloading his pickup truck full of junk. Now stray cats are screwing in his open garage and *I* have to be the one to go scare them off. Ugh.

So after that little adventure I decided it was time to be awake.

You know, it’s fortunate that I didn’t blog this weekend. I had PMS and Mike and I were at each other pretty frequently. I kept thinking about blogging it out, maybe making it a friends only post here on LJ. The thing is, Mike’s attempting to use LJ now as well. So he could someday friend me without my knowing and start reading my blogs and then he might have found an old one bitching about him. lol.

I think it’s a better policy in general to just tell a person when you have problems with them. That’s just me.

Anyhow, a MySpace friend of mine (and an IRL acquaintance)encouraged a bunch of people to write their senators about network neutrality (as did I) and he actually got a response from Dick Durban.

Here’s his post.


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