I’m finally sitting down to rest, after having run all day on various errands and small jobs. Mike will probably come home while I’m blogging and give me one of those “Blogging again, eh?” looks.

That’s okay. Tonight’s my night out with Sara (who’s already at the bar and drinking by now) because it’s been a month from hell. In any case, I got the table cleaned off today and hung the living room curtains, and bought the decorations for Bastian’s birthday party and hit the Walmart for some assorted junk I’d been wanting.

I also picked up my check and grabbed some money to start our first join checking account. We’re going to use it ONLY for bills. We each have our own personal that we’ll keep. Just in case. You know.

So yeah. Bastian’s party is on Saturday, and we’re going to have a blast. In the meantime, I’ve got crap to do. I was going to blog about something specific and here I am rambling. Be back later.


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