Where oh where has my service gone?

So it’s day 6 of not having internet access at home, and I have just moved. I needed to switch the service (that I, along with over 2300 people in my area AREN’T getting) to our new place.

I attempt to call my provider, just like everyone else is doing, and of course it’s busy. Each time I call I get that annoying repetitive busy signal until finally I begin to feel like a teenager trying to request a song on some top-40 radio station.

I decide to go down in person to their offices, since I’m not looking to complain about the internet -or lack thereof. I realize that they screwed up BIG TIME in making some “platform changes” and that 5% of the 47,000 customers they have in the Northern Illinois area (local news story is my source) are now pissed off and calling to bitch.

The line at their offices extends to the doorway, and I barely manage to squeeze in between the gentleman in front of me and the door itself. An armed guard stands at the front of the line, and the CSR’s take each person in turn and send them away with a packet of text and a sour puss.

Finally, I get to talk to a VERY soft-spoken effeminate man who tells me I have to wait until a week from tomorrow before they can hook up my new service. He did at least cancel the billing on our old address. I told him we hadn’t had service since last Thursday. Hopefully he’ll shut it off as of then.

In any case, I’m at the public library trying to blog out my frustration at not being able to blog out my frustration in the comfort and privacy of my home. I feel really humble though -all these people around me have to do this on a fairly regular basis I’m betting. They probably don’t have the pleasure of paying some 40 bucks a month for super high-speed, always there when you need it, no-time-limit internet access.


I miss my MMORPG.

Off to write a paper for COMS 401. Wish me luck.

One thought on “Where oh where has my service gone?

  1. What gets to me is that every time they make a big announcement saying it’s all fixed, my internet goes out the next day. I’ve had more service than a lot of people because I knew about the whole rebooting the modem thing from when I lived in Ohio, but still. The first time I had a problem was on Easter. That was over two months ago now. I think they should have their platform balanced by now.
    I added you, by the way.


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