State of the Union?

Okay, I know I was going to tell about the Bridal Expo, but this is way more interesting…

I know immigration is the “hot-button” issue these days with just about everybody, but I’m beginning to worry about all this. Things are becoming odd.

Raids are being conducted all over the country, apparently. I was unaware of this when I went to work this morning (in the box office at our local arena/event center) and was assailed by calls, walk-ins, and news reporters all asking if the illegal immigrants seized in these alleged raids were being held in our arena. They weren’t, I think I’d have noticed hundreds of people being held in the empty ice rink that I walked past on my way to the box office this morning.

The morning was so crazy, there’s actually an up-to-date blurb about it on our local paper‘s website. What the heck? These rumors, apparently, are being spread through simple word of mouth from person to person. People are afraid!

A group of mexican women stopped in today to ask if we were holding any illegal immigrants, and they had brought their passports with them out of fear they’d be rounded up and held as well. Another woman came in and told us that a factory in a nearby community had been raided and was wondering if we had anyone here. Are these women looking for their friends and family members? What would that be like? To fear going out because the way you look might get you hauled off to some holding pen for deportation…

A man who owns a staffing company stopped in and asked as well, saying he had workers leaving jobs or refusing to come in at all because they didn’t want to get deported. Restaurants on the main commercial street in town closed down completely for lack of staff, and a school teacher even called in the morning asking about raids because she had ten hispanic children absent from her grade-school classroom.

I prey to god their parents just kept them home that day, and not something more disturbing.

Now while all this disturbs me, and seems like small town antics upon the telling -keep in mind, I live in the second largest city in ILLINOIS! We have over 160,000 people in this town. This is a pretty big deal, when a reaction like this is spreading so quickly.

I’m not sure how to feel about it all, but I can only describe the atmosphere as Orwellian.

3 thoughts on “State of the Union?

  1. Unfortunately, the machavellian side of me thinks that was a perfect way to figure out who to raid next. Create a panic, see who runs, and then you can go pick up the runners at your leisure if you’re the Feds.
    It’s a sad day if we start massive deportations. I just hope the government doesn’t succeed in making undocumented status a felony. That woudl just be absurd.


    1. Yeah
      I agree. Mass deportation isn’t the answer, and in fact I think it could have some pretty un-cool results.
      Aside from the families that could be split up, the economic backlash could be less than great.
      I dunno, but it’s a shame the situation has gotten this bad.


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