Chicago my love… (HUGE pictures)

Well I went to see my best friend in chi-town, and this is what we found…

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

AWw… we’re together in eternity somewhere.

There’s more…

Image hosted by I really liked this celtic cross. I want one when I croak.

Image hosted by
Here, in the bottom left hand corner, is where Jack Johnson -the great african american boxer who was tormented all his life for having white wives, and even imprisoned- is buried in an unmarked grave next to his family’s plot (where his wife does have a headstone).

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A knight in shining armor, now cast in stone. This guy was a social reformer and his whole family is buried here with him, but not a single name is engraved. The quote at the bottom of the statue reads: “Above all things, Truth beareth away the victory”. I forget his name. (good arguement for including that.)

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I really like this door. Also, want one of these when I’m entombed.

More to come… perhaps.

5 thoughts on “Chicago my love… (HUGE pictures)

    1. Re: Very cool
      Graceland. Lots of big impo’tant types from Chicago history buried there. Also a lot of the guys who have buildings named after them at NIU. Hee hee.


    1. Cemetary
      OMG, right?
      They said it was Sullivanesque, but I can’t remember if Sullivan designed it or not. Either way, I really like his style. Reminds me of my favorite painter, Alfonse Mucha.


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