Butterfly kisses

This morning I was awakened by the soft press of lips against my cheek. My eyes, as well as my conscious mind, just kind of snapped open to see the culprit -Sebastian. Probably the best way to wake up ever.

Life is good right now, and as much as I’m tempted to hold my breath, keep silent about it, and fear that it’ll break into chaos and misery at any second -I’m really doing well just accepting it.

Something about my present happiness feels right. It’s as if this is secure, something I deserve -the golden days I’ve been waiting for my whole life.

Mike seems to be perfectly suited to my preferences. Yesterday we were walking through a parking lot and saw that someone had just chucked a 64 ounce gas station pop onto the ground. He cursed the litter bug and just as I opened my mouth to say “That’s Assholish” -HE said it. My word: asshole-ish. When we’re in each others presenece (YES, I know this is the kind of bullshit I always roll my eyes at when lovebirds start elaborating on the perfection of their relationships but…) we finish each others sentences. Or he’ll say what I’m thinking of saying before I can get it out. It has happened more than once.

Our preferences are extremely well matched sexually (I won’t go into my kinky bits) and for the first time in a long time I have nothing but good hope for our future. Best of all, the sex that we have is not going to rule our interactions. Keep in mind, I’m an Aries and he’s a Scorpio. We are both VERY into the sex part… but there’s a lot more to it than that.The last time we dated (for a whole 2-3 months) that was really all there was. He tried to be all poetic and tell me he was going to keep promises and always be there for me yada yada. I didn’t care. At the time I was really just struggling to find something to do with myself and he was floundering just as badly.

On the domestic front, the house is finally coming together. We have moved all but a carload or two of packed boxes/laundry and I’ve unpacked as much as I could the last few weeks. My room is coming together nicely and the living room and office -hell every room is starting to look like it should.

My job, presently, is getting this home in order -but I’m sending off my resume with a very nice cover letter to the Rockford Register Star today. They are looking for a part time copy assistant. Entry level position, part time, AND at a professional paper. HELL yes. All you need is a high school diploma and at least a year of experience in a journalism program or paper. I have everything they need.

Well, Bastian is anxious for cereal and I have more boxes to bring in from the car. I’d better get moving.



3 thoughts on “Butterfly kisses

  1. *smiles*
    it’s really good to hear that you’re doing so well.
    i’m glad you’ve found what you’ve been searching for, or that you’re at least well on your way
    blessed be


  2. Cool!!!
    I’ll be crossing my fingers for in hopes of you getting the job – in fact I’ll charge a candle for ya- glad to hear things are going well for you!
    I’ll continue to hope for the best for you :).


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