My mother seems to be starving herself.

The past few times I’ve talked to her (over the last week) she’s mentioned that she needs to lose weight or doesn’t need to gain it and has been eating m&m’s for lunch. She makes these strange little comments to me as if cutting out meals completely is some sort of acceptable diet.

Today she wants to use her lunch break to help me move things (since she has a Jeep that could move more stuff than my Neon) and mentioned again that she “doesn’t need any more food”. She says this like it’s a normal thing, though. Cry for help much?

Now I, of course, chided her immediately and told her (as I have numerous times when she’s tried cutting out meals completely or replacing them with salads for days at a time) that this is not healthy OR a good way to lose weight. Of course she just sort of poo-poos this.

Hmmm. What else to do?

I’m considering telling her I think she needs to go to counseling, for herself to be happy. This would be fruitless -but I think it needs to be said.


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