There’s no telling where we’re going…

But the hurricane keeps blowing…

I’m back. Rockford is the same and yet different again. It seems everytime I return here of my own volition I feel better about it. Soon I will begin to love Rockford and want to spend my life here. Resistance is, truly, futile.

I have a someone again. He’s actually an old boyfriend I had no intention of seeing or running into again, but it did and something clicked. Somehow it feels right this time. Not just right in an “I haven’t been bedded in a year and I really need to get filled out like an application” kind of way either.

Right in a “wow, he’s changed almost as much as I have over the years and it seems to be for the better” kind of way. Also -he’s quite assertive about his feelings and I have a serious soft spot for guys who can bust out with those spontaneous moments of sincerity.

It’s really nice also because he knows just about everything I’ve done in the past. There have been some adventures since we parted last, and I’m sure they’ll get filled in along the way, but he doesn’t judge.

Anyway, this is one of those sappy happy entries that are so rare. I hope it wasn’t too pale in comparison to the dark and scary entries that keep us all afloat since the loss of our voyeuristic Jerry Springer days.



4 thoughts on “There’s no telling where we’re going…

  1. Never try to guess where you’re going
    I learned that the hard way… spent many buckets of blood, sweat, tears and money for men that I tried so wrongfully and mistakenly to love me.
    Finally after long last I’ve given up entirely, granted I’m seeing someone, but I think I’ve finally got to the point where I’ve got much better things to obsess about. I enjoy my freedom so much, yet I can relate to what you’re saying because Maverick and I met about four years ago at Invocation in Chicago. At the time unfortunately I was still smitten by one who will remain nameless. At the time Maverick and I were either too shy or too caught up in things to act on it, but ironically we found out we had an interest in each other from day one. Don’t know where its going, and don’t know if I care. I think even now honestly, if I were single the rest of my life, I think I’d be okay with that.
    I’m happy for you, Mary (sorry, didn’t mean to get up on my soapbox) and it truly is nice when there’s a companion around who won’t judge and knows you well. I think you and I have a special appreciation for that. And yes, resistance is futile… amen to that.


    1. You WILL be assimilated!
      Ah. Sorry got my rituals mixed up. Yes, I would like to come along for the shindig coming up… hell that’s like tomorrow n stuff. Well Mike’s out of town for work all week, but I’ll see what I can do. =)
      …anyway, It’s funny you should mention resistance being futile and compliment my icon in the same comment. Now I just have to use my NEWEST icon.
      BWA HA HA!


      1. Re: You WILL be assimilated!
        Wrote ya a seperate email… its not for a month yet, so you’re good. You should be getting the invite today in the mail.


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