Tales from the Crypt

In order to create this post I took a trip back in time. Here, at my mother’s apartment, sits a wonderful computer. A desktop PC, but faster, newer, and more powerful than either my or my father’s laptop.

My mother owns it -but it’s like the deathstar in the hands of the Ewoks.

She insists that AOL is what she’s used to, and won’t proceed into this millenia by purchasing something other than dial-up to connect to it.

SO, the old familiar welcome page with the three squares greeted me upon my realization that merely clicking on internet explorer did not grant me instant access to the web.


ANYway, several minutes later, it’s mother’s day and I’m a mother. It was actually a pretty nice day -for one spent with my parents. I got mom a really nice resonant wind chime (not one of those tinny or tinkly ones) and it is already hanging out on her patio. She likes it. =)

Been thinking about someone new a little too much. Gonna try and distract myself. Off to seek distraction…


One thought on “Tales from the Crypt

  1. Happy Mother’s Day~!
    I forgot to tell you Happy Mother’s Day in the e-mail I sent, but logged and had to go right when I remembered. so…
    Happy Mother’s Day~!


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